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Автор Тема: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.

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Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 24, 2022, 00:42

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Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 24, 2022, 17:02

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Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 24, 2022, 17:02

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Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 25, 2022, 02:21

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Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 25, 2022, 10:56

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Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 25, 2022, 16:21

The best way to lift your spirits is to... WALK.

п»ї<title>Top 5 Mindfulness Quotes</title>
The phrases of mindfulness come mostly from Buddhism, since it is precisely in this philosophical and religious doctrine where this concept was born. Mindfulness is also known as mindfulness or pure consciousness.
Mindfulness is defined as a spiritual state of absolute concentration on the present. It implies a focus of all the senses towards the reality that is experienced and is the result of meditation. It implies a connection with silence, with one's inner self from a conscious state.
"Be the witness of your thoughts."
The phrases of mindfulness are intended to explain the details of this particular state. Its purpose is mainly didactic because it is a complex concept that can only really be understood when it is lived. In any case, the statements of the great masters help to clarify the subject.
1. The abandonment of thoughtOsho was a philosopher and mystic well known in the world. To him we owe several of the great phrases of mindfulness. Although he was a controversial figure, his famous reflections have given rise to much of the contemporary literature on mindfulness.
This text by Osho describes the state of mindfulness very well: "Only by being aware, thoughts begin to disappear. There is no need to fight. Your awareness is enough to destroy them. And when the mind is empty, the temple is ready. And inside the temple, the only god worth placing is silence. So those three words you must remember: relaxation, thoughtlessness, silence. And if these three words are no longer words to you but become experiences, your life will be transformed."
2. One of the Dalai Lama's phrases on mindfulnessThis is one of the phrases on mindfulness uttered by the Dalai Lama himself. It goes like this: "Therefore, we cannot take out insurance; the insurance company is within: self-discipline, self-awareness and a clear understanding of the disadvantages of anger and the positive effects of kindness".
Undoubtedly, this is a beautiful sentence. He uttered these words in a speech about safety and security in life. The way to foresee catastrophes and great evils. The text, then, reminds us that this depends, finally, on what we carry inside and not on external circumstances. Of particular importance is the last part, where the negative effects of anger and the positive effects of kindness are emphasized.
3. CompassionCompassion is another of the values at the heart of Buddhism. Much of this philosophy is devoted to the cultivation of kindness and fraternity. They are considered superior virtues because they contain within them many others and are only the fruit of long and constant work.
This phrase by Thomas Merton describes very well the idea of Buddhist compassion and its relationship with full consciousness. He says: "The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, that they are part of each other and all are involved in each other". Mindfulness is also about understanding, accepting and respecting that mutual interdependence.
It is to be remembered that in this philosophy all forms of life are worthy. From that of a simple insect, to human life. Therefore, compassion is exercised not only among peers, but also with all forms of life in nature.
4. Everyday acts and awarenessFull consciousness is not achieved by retiring to meditate in a monastery for years. Whatever the circumstances, this fullness can always be accessed through the simplest of daily acts. This is what Osho makes us see in a text that includes several phrases of full consciousness, which are quite illustrative.
In this regard, he points out: "Walk, but walk meditating, consciously and breathe, let your breathing become a constant meditation; breathe knowingly. The breath comes in: see it. Breath goes out: watch it. Eat, but eat with full awareness. Take a bite, chew, but continue to watch. Let the observer be present at all times, whatever he or she is doing".
Remaining in the present and sharpening all the senses to capture the moment we are living, begins by becoming aware of even the smallest act. This is what Buddha asks: to be permanent observers of ourselves.
5. Consciousness and happinessFull consciousness is the fruit of constant observation, of the persevering effort to set aside thoughts, feelings and impulses, dedicating all one's will only to contemplation. In contemplation one encounters the universe. And that encounter generates harmony and happiness.
Osho puts it this way: "Consciousness is the greatest alchemy there is. Just keep on becoming more and more aware, and you will find your life changing for the better in every possible dimension. It will bring you great satisfaction.
While many Western philosophers assume consciousness to be a source of unhappiness, Buddhist philosophy sees it as the exact opposite. This is because Western consciousness is based on reason, while Eastern consciousness is based on spirituality, silence and the absence of thought.
All these phrases on mindfulness show us that we still have a lot to learn from Eastern philosophies. Also that there are other ways to achieve well-being, different from those of personal success. Welcome are those teachings that bring us light.
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5 movies to understand anorexia
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Keys to children's emotional education


Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 25, 2022, 16:37

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Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 25, 2022, 16:38


Am avut emotii (din cauza recenziilor) dupa ce comandasem deja un iPhone 8 deblocat (256GB), dar stiam ca Smart.md se pricepe excelent la rezolvarea problemelor, iar produsele acestui vanzator anume sunt garantate de programul Smart.md Renewed. Acest telefon a venit in stare excelenta, in opinia mea. Bateria este la aproximativ 90% din capacitate, exista putine, daca nu chiar deloc, conditii cosmetice si, cel mai important, iPhone-ul a fost cu adevarat deblocat. Am reusit sa incep sa functionez in cateva minute prin simpla mutare a cartelei SIM pe noul telefon si prin parcurgerea noii configurari a iPhone-ului. Apropo, eu am Verizon. Nu ca ar trebui sa conteze. Daca functioneaza ca fiind deblocat la un operator, ar trebui sa functioneze si la oricare altul.
Nu am analizat "recunoasterea faciala" din cauza faptului ca nu am configurat-o.
Pe baza feedback-ului si a recenziilor, decid sa obtin iPhone online. Cu exceptia telefonului a venit in pachet simplu si incarcator generic si cablu, functioneaza foarte bine! Nu ma plang de faptul ca nu a fost nici o casca cu ea. Am comandat un adaptor pentru mufa de telefon pentru a folosi castile separat.
Acesta este un telefon mic si grozav si nu costa 1000 de dolari. L-am luat pentru sotia mea, deoarece bateria Samsung-ului ei se descarca toata ziua la serviciu. I-phone-urile sunt atat deooooo usor de utilizat. Telefon bun pana acum si au trecut cateva luni. Semnalul este bun, bateria este buna si nu a avut cicatrici sau daune vizibile pe ea. Am de gand sa imi iau altul pentru mine daca voi castiga la loterie 🙂
Cumparat acest telefon ca un cadou. Telefonul pare nou, a venit cu mufa si cablul de schimbare intr-o cutie generica alba frumoasa. Persoana a configurat telefonul si a pus in cartela SIM Verizon si functioneaza perfect. A venit cu o capacitate a bateriei de 87%. As cumpara din nou acest telefon si l-as recomanda.
Folosesc acest iPhone8 de aproximativ o saptamana, incepand cu 6/22/20 si functioneaza foarte bine pe T-Mobile. Am cumparat unul de la un alt furnizor si functioneaza si el la fel de bine. Stare foarte buna, mi se pare noua. Durata de viata a bateriei pare perfect buna. Sunetul este grozav, ecranul este grozav. Nicio problema, asa ca ma astept sa dureze. Foarte bucuros ca l-am cumparat. A venit cu un incarcator si un cablu. A se vedea imaginea
Sotia il iubeste! Nimic altceva nu mai trebuie spus . Pana acum ... atat de bun! OBW .... produs foarte bun, garantie foarte buna, pret bun. Va multumim ca l-ati pus la dispozitie.
Mult mai bine decat am anticipat. Citind unele dintre recenziile nemultumite si cateva recenzii de-a dreptul nebunesti, am fost ezitant in legatura cu aceasta achizitie de telefon. Inutil sa mai spun ca am mers mai departe si am cumparat acest telefon dupa cateva saptamani in care am scris argumentele pro si posibilele contra. Dupa despachetare, telefonul parea nou-nout. Nici o zgarietura, o mica adancitura, nimic. Pana acum totul e bine. Dupa ce mi-am instalat cartela SIM, telefonul s-a pornit perfect, a acceptat sim-ul si acum sunt fericitul posesor al unui iPhone 8 reconditionat. Nu am nimic negativ de spus despre acest telefon. Functioneaza perfect si voi cumpara din nou un aparat reconditionat data viitoare cand voi avea nevoie/voi unul nou. Multumesc din nou din Alaska.
Acesta este primul meu telefon pe care l-am cumparat si prima mea comanda pe Smart.md, si trebuie sa spun ca sunt foarte multumit! imi place acest telefon nou! Functioneaza foarte rapid, iar bateria ma tine toata ziua! Scanerul de amprente functioneaza de cele mai multe ori, dar uneori nu functioneaza. Cred ca poate e din cauza ca am degetul mare asezat ciudat sau e ceva pe degetul meu. in afara de asta, chiar imi place acest telefon! Fluid, rapid si de o calitate excelenta. Oh, si nu numai asta, dar livrarea a fost foarte rapida pentru o comanda care nu era pe prime. A venit cu o saptamana mai devreme inainte de data la care a spus ca va ajunge. Ar recomanda cu siguranta pentru un proprietar de telefon pentru prima data.
Am avut indoieli cu privire la cumpararea "reinnoita" din cauza problemei bateriei pe care am avut-o cu 6S-ul nostru. A declarat cel putin 80% de sanatate a bateriei'cand am primit telefonul, sanatatea bateriei era la 94%. Foarte fericit si multumit de faptul ca cartela SIM 6S a functionat in iPhone 8.
Primul telefon pe care l-am primit a fost un telefon furat, dar serviciul clienti a fost bun si am primit un inlocuitor functional in cateva zile. Telefon in stare buna si functioneaza bine.

Iphone 13 pro
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Smart 13 pro max

[url=https://www.smart.md/apple-iphone-13-pro-128gb-silver]Iphone 13 in rate fara dobanda

Cumparati Cocomii Square Silicone Square iPhone 13 Pro Max Case, Slim Thin Matte Matte Soft TPU Silicon Rubber Gel Silk Microfiber Cloth Trunk Box Square Edges Bumper Cover Compatibil cu Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (Negru): Cazuri de baza
Daca aveti IPhone 13 Pro Max de culoare Sierra Blue, obtineti carcasa gri! Este atat de frumos impreuna! Cazul se potriveste atat de bine si este destul de protector!
Acest lucru nu se potriveste cu iPhone 13 pro max. Aceasta este mai mult pentru iPhone 12
Cu siguranta o carcasa frumoasa si robusta de senzatie. Dar nu este roz. Poate ca pentru ochii cuiva, dar este cu siguranta mai mult un ton nude sau piersic as spune ca poarta pe partea de piersica fata de partea roz foarte dragut, dar nu roz.
Super chic caz. Se potriveste ca o manusa pe iPhone13 pro max. Gri pe albastru sierra este combinatia perfecta!
Miroase ciudat (acetona-y) si obtinerea purtat foarte repede, a cumparat-o pentru forma si designul, dar acum imi dau seama ca este o rip off completa.


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Telefonul este ca nou, zero zgarieturi si functioneaza foarte bine! Ar cumpara din nou de la!
Telefonul primit este in stare excelenta si toate caracteristicile sunt functionale
Telefoanele au venit la timp. Ambele au fost in stare buna. Am reusit sa le activez ambele pe serviciul Metro By T-Mobile.
Telefonul a fost complet deblocat, asa cum a declarat compania a luat la metropcs au verificat-o a transferat telefonul meu pe acesta in aceeasi zi, fara probleme.
Functioneaza bine nu am avut probleme cu telefonul lol
Telefonul parea nou, dar l-am returnat pentru ca nu mai am nevoie de el
Acest telefon este foarte bun si ca nou, dar a avut probleme cu microfonul auditiv, dar am schimbat difuzorul auditiv si acum este foarte bun, in afara de asta, este perfect.
Iphone a fost deblocat am fost capabil sa ma conectez la furnizorul meu de servicii. arata nou conditie excelenta
A sosit in forma perfecta. Nu exista casti, dar pentru acest pret, care nu este o afacere bud.
10/10 Planul de date functioneaza.... telefon perfect si pret perfect !



Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 27, 2022, 15:09



Сообщения: 97915
Сообщение Ответ на: It also sometimes referrerectile dysfunction to open properly and allow blood in.
 January 27, 2022, 16:30

The Oedipus complex
modafinil 400mg

п»ї<title>The Oedipus complex</title>
The Oedipus complex is considered the cornerstone of Freudian psychoanalysis. It is one of the fundamental concepts of psychoanalytic theory, both to explain the formation of the personality structure and to understand the clinic.
In terms of theory, the Oedipus complex constitutes the central axis of Freudian drive theory and metapsychology, since it explains psychic functioning and the formation of personality. At the time, this was a milestone and a revolution, since this new approach started from the principle of psychic causality, based on the unconscious, to explain the formation of personality.
The importance of the Oedipus complex in the clinic lies in its causality, where depending on its development and resolution a certain personality structure will develop, and with it the generation of symptoms in the different structural modalities (psychosis, neurosis, perversion).
What is the Oedipus complex? To begin with it is necessary to clarify that the use of the technical term -complex- in psychoanalysis refers to a conflict. Thus, the meaning is radically different from the use given to it in psychology or in popular slang, where it refers to "being complexed" or "having complexes".
Thus, the Oedipus complex alludes to a conflict based on an organized set of loving and hostile desires that the child experiences with respect to his parents. Freud defines it as the unconscious desire to maintain a sexual relationship -incestuous- with the parent of the opposite sex -the mother- and to eliminate the parent of the same sex -parricide-.
"For the first time the child must exchange pleasure for social dignity."
-Sigmund Freud
Psychologist Natalie Kennedy, assures that "the child feels that there is competition and, during these years, will experience intense feelings of rejection, jealousy, failure, inferiority and pain every time his parents are together and he notices that they get along." Kennedy states that because of this sense of competition, it is important for the child to perceive that the father, mother and child work as a team.
Formally, Freud gives complex status to the Oedipus complex in his work ВЁFive Lectures on PsychoanalysisВЁ (1910). We say formally because it is well known that he had already been using this term since 1897, referring to the masterpiece of Sophocles called ВЁOedipus Rex.ВЁ
Freud uses the Greek tragedy of Oedipus Rex to account for the universality of the ambivalence that the child feels towards his parents, as well as the development of hetero and homosexual components. This issue will be taken up again in adolescence, where there is a transformation of sexuality and disassociation from parental authority.
What is the importance of the Oedipus complex? Freud, in his work ВЁThree Essays for a Sexual TheoryВЁ (1905), assures that in children the incestuous fantasy of expelling and substituting the rival parent, that is to say the father for the boy, and the mother for the girl, is recurrent. A fantasy that would arouse both guilt and fear of punishment.
Defense mechanisms would be a "natural" response to this dynamic, to provide a resolution to these desires. The defense mechanisms that will act will be different depending on the emerging personality type. In the case of neurosis, repression will allow the oedipal resolution, while in the case of psychosis the oedipal resolution would be given by forclusion and in perversion that of renegation.
"Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity."
-Sigmund Freud
The defense mechanisms used by each person to solve the Oedipus complex will determine the structure of his personality, and therefore will also condition how he faces and accounts for the external world, as well as the internal one. Jaques Lacan, a French psychoanalyst very attached to Freud's current, is the one who will best explain the role played by forclusion and disavowal as defense mechanisms.
Now, going deeper into the role of the Oedipus complex with respect to the feelings of ambivalence that may exist towards the parents, there is a function of this complex that stands out above all others: it allows the introduction of the child into the norm -the law- and culture. Freud makes reference to this in his work ВЁTotem and TabooВЁ of 1913, when he writes about the primitive horde.
Relationship between Totem and Taboo and the Oedipus complexIn the work Totem and Taboo, repentance and feelings of guilt, which arose in the horde after the murder of the totem, led to the establishment of a new social order based on exogamy. That is to say, in the prohibition - or taboo - of possessing the women of the clan. At the same time, they gave way to totemism - the taboo of killing the totem - a figure that symbolically replaces the father.
The prohibitions of totemism (incest and killing the totem) represent the two central unconscious desires of the Oedipal conflict. Freud concludes in this work that the Oedipus complex is the central condition of totemism, therefore, universal and founding of culture in any human society.
Freud articulates the Oedipus complex with the castration complex, which is the reaction to sexual intimidation or the curtailment of sexual practice during early childhood. The castration complex will be the consequence of the establishment of the norm, the prohibition introduced by the paternal figure.
The threat of castration (in the male) or the idea of having been castrated (in the female) will give rise to the mechanism of repression of the first sexuality. Later, in adolescence, it will allow an exogamous choice or object.
Thus, after the action of repression (defense mechanism), a very important psychic instance will appear in neurotics: the Overself. This instance will produce a psychic ordering, and it will do so through the introduction of the social norm. A norm that is also attributed to the paternal figure. This introjection of the law will allow the child to begin to order his internal world taking into account external desires and demands.
Functions of the Oedipus complex
The Oedipus complex will be a fundamental pillar for psychoanalytic theory. Freud attributed different functions to it:
The finding of a love object deriving from the resolution of feelings of ambivalence toward the parents.
The acceptance of the law prohibiting incest.
The access to genitality, as a person already constituted: with its own attributes and personality characteristics.
Constitution of the different psychic instances, especially that of the Super-ego as a product of the assimilation of paternal authority.
Identification to an ideal.
The acceptance of one's own sex.
After what we have said, it can be seen that the Oedipus complex, for Freud, is framed within a triangular relationship formed by the mother, the father and the child. Where the resolution of this "triangle" will condition the personality of the child, together with the introduction of the norm that will allow the assimilation of a social and cultural order.
"Civilization began the first moment a pissed off man threw a word instead of a rock."
-Sigmund Freud
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